tune up with tyson

Tuesday at noon CLASS

Tyson believes that the key to successful Physical Therapy is in understanding how the body functions when his clients are performing daily and sports related activities. Tyson’s treatment philosophy includes dissecting the true etiology of the diagnosis. This is a specialty, which he focuses on in order to help both his acute and chronic patients identify the origin of their injury.

Who is this class for? Everyone! Experienced individuals who want to learn the hacks to get further along with their strength, mobility and balance gains, beginners who want to build a strong foundation, and everyone in between. This 50-minute class will help you to activate and train the very important smaller, joint-guiding muscles that help keep you safe, improve joint mechanics and efficiency during exercise activities. Instructed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will improve performance at the gym, on the field, on the court and in life! #FUTuneUp


  • 4 CLASS PROGRAM (to be used within 5 weeks)————— $120

  • 8 CLASS PROGRAM (to be used within 10 weeks)————— $224

  • Class Drop In —————$35

** If you are a gym member or a client of a trainer you will receive a 10% discount on this program. Refunds not available.