• CHEK Practitioner

  • CHEK Holistic Life Coach

  • NASM CPT & Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Functional Movement Screen



  • Program design

  • Weight loss

  • Corrective Exercise 

  • Athletic Performance 

  • Nutrition 

  • Obstacle course racing


Alvaro’s journey into the professional fitness world began after he started accumulating injuries from his extensive background in sports and breakdance. Feeling helpless after seeing multiple doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and other health practitioners, he was searching for answers. Ultimately, that search led him to figure out the nutrition and training paradigm he needed to sustain a happy, healthy, and injury-free life for himself.

Through healthy food choices, exercise and habit modification, Alvaro was able to correct his own imbalances and successfully rehabbed himself from 2 knee surgeries.

Unsatisfied with simply fixing his problems, Alvaro went on to train himself to perform on an even higher athletic level and ultimately took 4th place on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

Alvaro believes in a no nonsense, individualized and holistic approach to 1 on 1 training. His approach looks at the whole person, not just exercise, and what they need to achieve their healthiest life possible. His clients have not just changed long term physically, but have increased their confidence in their own abilities to maintain long-term success. Alvaro loves working with a wide-range of clients including those that require corrective exercises to correct imbalances or injuries, de-conditioned clients looking to gain fitness and lose weight, and serious athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.


The best thing that ever happened to my fitness.... that's Alvaro's personal training!  I absolutely adore him for optimizing my posture with his insightful and thoughtful functional excercise program that is personally tailored and adapted with each session.  He is constantly learning and applying his new concepts to my workout.  This man is gifted, passionate, considerate, professional, caring, disciplined, inspired and motivating.  You will not go wrong by training with Alvaro! 

Naveen C

Awesome. I am a martial artist who has had nagging problems with my hips and shoulders that kept me from competing and working out. I have been to PT's, body workers, rolfers, chiropractors, massage therapists and others. Alvaro was the first person I have  worked with who was able to take actual measurements of the range of motion in my joints, chart any differences or asymmetries, and explain how that made certain motions painful or restricted. He was then able to prescribe stretches and exercises to correct those problems. In the first week I noticed huge differences in my movements and reductions in pain.

 All in all, this is the first experience I have had that was based on a scientific methodology, and is able to chart improvements using measurements. Fantastic stuff. 

Jason P

The Best. Seriously.  I had to stop working out/swimming because I was in a lot of neck/back pain.  I was referred to Alvaro after seeing doctors, chiros and PT's, to just help me try to get stabilized, never thinking I would lift weights again.  Over the past 4 months, he's helped me correct a lot of poor posture, poor habits and even start lifting some low weights.  He's a big beleiver in a holistic approach to personal health.  He's a zealot on improving your condition.  The tools he's teaching me are going to stay with me forever and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  Very young & very smart. 

Jeff G

The best trainer I have ever had

I know that sounds over the top but Alvaro knows his stuff and has proven this  with rehabbing my knee.

After many visits  to an orthopedic and one MRI  the pain was still there. In Literally one training session with JR  the knee has been pain free for weeks. Of  course  doing the corrective exercises he gave me on a daily basis helps..  He is a  beginning master  at corrective training and core work. He gave me corrective exercise to strengthen and re- aline my posture which in turn  alleviated my knee pain.

He is now doing the same with a two year old  rotator cuff injury. 

With his  advancing technique and person approach he is sure to have a following.

I have recommended  him to several clients and friends  all who are now training with him on a daily basis

Paul S