• B.Sc. Health & Performance Science
  • M.Sc. Exercise Physiology
  • NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • AED/ CPR



  • Sports Performance
  • Strength Training
  • Mobility and Injury Prevention
  • Speed and Power
  • Competition and Sports Periodization
  • Youth Athlete Development



Growing up in Ireland, Barry played a variety of sports but found his love in football (or soccer if you will!) and went on to play Professionally there for 5 years, making his debut aged 18. While competing as a full-time athlete, and representing his country at an International level, he also completed his B.Sc. in Performance Science and gained vast experience working with athletes of many disciplines including Pro and Olympic athletes.

He has held roles as Head Performance Coach for a Youth Pro team in Ireland, and for a large Soccer Academy in New England. With a big interest in Exercise Science, he has been involved in many studies as well as leading a large Health Promotion program as an Exercise Physiologist. Barry believes that everyone is an Athlete in their own right and has used his education and experience to train clients of all ages and backgrounds to improved Performance, Movement and Health.

Having taken to the California way of living quite well, when he is not involved in sports and health, he has found a big interest in hiking, camping, skiing and traveling.