• Yoga Alliance - RYT 200
  • Philosophy and history of yoga (eight limbs)
  • Yoga Society of San Francisco - Ashram Immersion (Residency)
  • California State University, Chico - 2010 - Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice


  • Asana/pose alignment and adjustment - pranayama/breathing techniques.
  • Exercise physiology for yoga.
  •  chakra balancing, kundalini, ayurveda, human anatomy for yoga, hot yoga (Bikram variation).



Brandon's teaching philosophy is a combination of all forms of yoga - along with Vinyasa flow, he utilizes principles from meditation and breathwork for those who are seeking personal transformation along with physical and mental balance.

He began practicing yoga in the form of meditation in 2012 as a means to relieve his mind of anxiety, stress, tension, and constant worry. Starting with 10-20 minutes a day, then gradually increasing length, he was able to free his mind. However, his body was still out of balance, and Brandon decided to go to his first Vinyasa class. This is when he had an incredible Kundalini awakening experience. Since then he has made it his purpose to share this gift with others, while continuing to learn and grow with each passing moment.

Brandon guides groups of various sizes through full Vinyasa flow sequences incorporating breath, movement, alignment, adjustment, and music beginning from balasana (child's pose) to savasana (corpse pose) with balancing, twisting, stretching, and strengthening poses in between.