Current: BS Business Administration CSU Eastbay 2017

Precision Nutrition 2014

Balanced Habits Nutrition 2014


- Weight-Loss Consulting

- Lifestyle and Habit Coaching

- Holistic Nutrition

- Fitness & Wellness

- Meal Plan Development

- Nutrition Education

- Body/Lifestyle Transformation.


A Bay Area native, I grew up in Burlingame California.   I have a long journey with fitness and wellness. It want until the year 2011 that I found fitness and nutrition, in a way it found me.   In 2011 I went to my first workout class and realized that although I looked thin, I was unhealthy, out of shape and needed a lifestyle change.  I made it a point to workout everyday for a month, after that fitness and nutrition became a lifestyle and habit.  My passion for health and wellness led me into a career as a group fitness instructor.  Observing my clients I noticed that no matter how hard they trained their bodies would not change until they changed what they ate. Yes its true you cannot out train a bad diet.   For three years I worked with athletes and average joes to lose weight, increase performance though holistic nutrition, find balance and TRANSFORM their bodies and lifestyles.   I have helped over 100 individuals lose weight and keep it off through eating whole foods. I am passionate about helping people achieve a physique they feel proud of and developing healthy behaviors so that the results last.  Change your habits and the results will follow.


Sean Johnson:

"I highly recommend Caro to anyone willing to improve their physique and overall energy in life! Caro is responsible for my loss of 20lbs within the last 2 months.

I feel incredibly strong and I’m more than happy my results so far. The hardest part in any program is starting one. I promise if you follow her program you will achieve your goals!

The nutritional knowledge she provides, along with the motivation she brings to personal training is essential to transforming and sculpting your desired physique.

I’ve learned priceless information from Caro which has corrected countless false beliefs I had regarding nutrition and exercise and I’ll retain these lessons for the rest of my life.

Please do yourself a favor and contact Caro NOW for a cleaner, leaner, healthier you!"


Esther Smith:

"Dear Caro,

After having an extra weight for over 10 years that I was un-able to lose on my own, I reluctantly signed up for the fitness/weight loss program you operate.  I had a number of apprehensions:  becoming "obsessed" with food/weight, how hard it would be, not being able to stick with it.  Not only was it not the torture I expected- I actually really enjoyed the process.  I liked the challenge of it- hard but not too hard.  I liked doing it with my friends since we got on group text and shared our progress, competed with each other, set up work outs together and commiserated.  Very bonding and I recommend doing it with some friends for the support.  A year later I wanted to sign up again because I enjoyed it so much and didn't want to miss out on the bonding experience with a different set of friends.  I not only hit my weight goal last year- I exceeded it and have maintained it a year later.

Thanks so much!"


Clara Ber:

"It was 5 weeks before my wedding when I contacted Carolina because I had gained 10 kilos from when I first got my wedding dress tailored. I needed to lose those 10 kilos to fit into that dress, we got together to explain the plan, it was very easy and worked.  All the food is healthy and you can pretty much eat everything you want within reason.  Following Carolina’s program and exercise recommendations week by week I reached my goal.  When I went to try on my dress it fit perfectly, and of course I flew my food coach out my wedding in Spain to witness it!! I have maintained the weight I lost and still use what I learned to this day. I follow the same diet but a little more flexible now that I am at my goal weight.  Once you learn it you don’t want to change, and I don’t want to look back. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight permanently and change their relationship with food. The program Carolina says “Its not a diet it’s a lifestyle”"