• B.A. University of Washington.
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.
  • StrongFirst Level One KettleBell Instructor
  • Wellness Coaching from Wellcoaches Corporation.
  • 250 hour massage practitioner program from San Francisco School of Massage.
  • Currently a candidate for M.S. in Clinical Psychology at Notre Dame de Namur University, class of 2018.



  • Kettlebells
  • Strength Gain
  • Conditioning via high intensity intervals
  • Mobility & foam rolling
  • Injury Rehab
  • Post-Natal
  • Fat Loss for Women
  • Multi-Level Small Group Training
  • Habit-Based Nutrition


A 10-year fitness industry veteran, Catherine has seen and done it all! As both a trainer, manager, fitness business owner and most importantly, as a fitness consumer herself, she will help you filter out fitness fact from fitness fiction. These days she focuses on coaching women that are coming back from some time away from fitness:  be it having a baby, job stress or family events that caused you to stop exercising, she will help you find your inner and outer badass -- it's in there, trust me! Her favorite tools are kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight and a few other accessories to keep you excited. We'll gain strength, lose fat (if that's your goal) and get your cardiovascular system in top notch shape!

Catherine is committed to helping women be their best selves and not get swept up in the shame and appearance-obsessed hype of the mainstream fitness and nutrition world. She believes that a healthy life starts with self-compassion and is sustained via healthy habits.


"Catherine is a great coach and trainer. She knows her stuff and is really passionate about what she does and fun to work with. What I like best is that she continues to grow and experiment. Her routines are always well thought out and keep me guessing - perfect for someone like me who likes a diverse workout regimen." - Kibwe D., 37

"Cat has a warm personality, is knowledgeable about health and fitness and is supportive while she challenges you to do more, more weight, more reps or more training. She understands form is more important than volume. I’ve worked with a few great trainers and she, with her own style, is right there with them!" - Barbara P., 58

“I learn something in every session.” -Patty, 59

“I’m so much stronger in my thirties than I ever was in my teens and twenties!”  – Giang, 32

“I would describe Cat as happy, motivated, energetic, friendly, determined, strong-willed, and focused. Starting out in Cat's class was the best way for me to get into bootcamp. She made working out not feel like a chore or something to be avoided - she is a great teacher. She is able to take the intimidation away from fitness (and from the perceived judgment that comes with it) and just jump right in and do it. Like so many others, myself included, all we needed was a positive fitness experience to keep coming back and to realize that there is nothing to be intimidated about.  She changed my mindset and how I view fitness. I have been empowered to take charge of my own body and my fitness. And that feels really really amazing.”  -Jesse M., 34

“I think that the area that Cat helped with me with the most is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. She intertwines the exercises that I dislike or would never do on my own with those that I like/those that come easier to me. She didn’t push us to go harder she pushed us to work out better, which I think maximizes our long term fitness levels. I also like how approachable Cat is because it makes it easy for us to ask questions. This seems trivial, but I think that it is very important to be able to feel like I can ask anything without being judged. I think that her specialty as a trainer is building close relationships with her clients, which motivates them to get stronger/workout harder/be better for you as well as for themselves. She “subtly motivates” people because we truly care what she thinks of our performance and want to come to class to work out as well as to see her also. She is able to straddle the line between trainer, coach and friend.” -Kate L., 31

“No one compares to Cat and how she kept things always so new and fun so she set the bar really high! We never really knew what to expect.  We had workouts we knew of, but how she mixed it up was unexpected and fun.  The hour would pass by so quickly.”  -Christina, 34