Christiana Lekas


  • ISSA CPT & Bodybuilding Specialist

  • IIN Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist


  • Weight Management, Behavior & Nutrition

  • Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy Training


I know first hand what a huge impact exercise can make on our lives and the way we feel. Five years ago, I was on the fast tract to "success" in the corporate sales world. Exercise and nutrition had always been passions of mine, but the busier and more demanding my life became, the easier it was to push fitness to the side. Gym sessions were regularly skipped for happy hour, "we can sleep when we're dead!" was my temporary mantra, and takeout became the norm. It didn't take long for me to realize that this new lifestyle was far from sustainable. My energy was low, I was constantly anxious and moody, and I just didn't feel good. I wasn't willing to tolerate this "subpar existence" for very long, and I started hitting the gym before work in the mornings, prepped healthy meals daily, and re-fell in love with fitness. I made the career switch not long after that, and I have not looked back. Through my own experience and through working with hundreds of clients at this point, I've learned that most people have no idea how implementing small, strategic lifestyle changes can make them feel (and look) SO much better. 

I hope to walk as many people as possible through this process and utilize an integrative approach to fitness to ensure my clients achieve & surpass ALL of their goals while continuously growing mentally & physically. I put a holistic spin on traditional bodybuilding/hypertrophy training & macro-based nutrition coaching. I can help you gain or lose weight while  becoming your best and healthiest self.