• Bachelor of Arts - Psychology
  • Aerospace Engineer – United States Air Force

  • Marketing/Business Administration -  College of Business, San Francisco State University

  • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM CPT




  • Core Strengthening
  • Physical Endurance
  • Weight loss
  • Team sports training
  • Muscle Development
  • Circuit Training




 Clarence has a passion for helping people become their best selves through fitness and have fun while doing it. In 2010 he joined the air force and that is where his love for personal fitness began. The military requires him to keep a very specific level of physical strength, so he would frequently train and take classes to ensure that he didn’t fall behind the curve. Clarence would often try and stick close with some of the special forces guys he was stationed with and jump in with them whenever they would do there rigorous training.  Through out his time in the Air Force his body went through many changes as he learned more and more about body composition and made adjustment based on where he wanted to be physically.


Clarence left the Air Force in 2014 and returned home to San Francisco. Taking that opportunity to get certified as a personal trainer. With his new found love for fitness he was able to meet a lot of great coaches and instructors through out the bay area, that helped excel his career in the fitness field.


His fitness journey may have begun with the military and continued for personal reasons. But now, his fitness journey includes you and his new fitness goal is helping you reach yours.