Thursdays, 6-7pm

Fitness Urbano presents FU-BootCamp with Nick Divine!

With this ongoing 8-week training program you will develop your body’s core and overall strength. You will also improve stability, cardio condition and endurance.  Each session is unique and takes you through a variety of functional movements.  You’ll learn proper form and movement becoming more connected to your own body.

Each class will start with a joint-by-joint warm up to prep the whole body for movement training. Followed by mobility drills to activate the primary muscles to be used for the workout.  Your instructor will give you individual instruction to help you through the sticky spots that need attention in your body. Then you’ll  jump into a workout that combines bodyweight training, kettlebells, plyometrics, medicine balls, battle ropes and many other fun and interesting types of training.

At the end of this class you will be a better mover, stronger from the inside out, and have a greater mobility.

Upon completion, the FU Bootcamp automatically renews for another 8 week session.

DROP-INS ARE AVAILABLE - Call us for more information - 415-341-0515

If you need to cancel the auto renewal please contact us at least 7 days before the end of the program.