Fridays at 5:00 pm


Class Master: Chris Moen

Chris came into fitness in his developing years as he became focused on shedding his excess weight by modeling himself after his older brother who was a successful runner (State Champion, 5x National Champion, and former professional distance runner for 8 years). Through consistency in training and adapting his nutrition, Chris leaned out, eventually leading his high school cross-country team to two state championships. 


Chris continued to pursue in his brother’s footsteps by attempting a collegiate career in running. After a few semesters of chasing that dream, multiple injuries prevented him from developing to the necessary level needed to compete at an elite level. After having run a cross-country meet at Stanford his sophomore year of college, Chris began making plans to move to the Bay Area after graduation. In order to do so, he knew that it was necessary to transfer colleges and come up with a plan. 

It was at this point he decided to follow his passion for helping others through fitness and in the process, transferred to his alma mater of Iowa State University. Here is where Chris sharpened all the tools needed to be a successful personal trainer and running coach.  

Upon graduation, Chris moved to San Francisco and began employment at Crunch Fitness New Montgomery (@ Market). Using the gym as an exercise lab, he climbed through the ranks to become one of the best trainers in the company nationwide, taking on the role of weekly staff development amongst his peers. At the same time, Chris became heavily involved with volunteering as a coach for the American Heart Association’s Half Marathon training program, Start Training!. Now heading into his seventh season, he is continuing to develop the program’s volunteer coaches along with providing technical coaching assistance. 

After 3 great years of experience and further skill-building at Crunch, Chris left and went on to create his own personal training company, Moen Fitness, in the summer of 2013.  Since then, he has continued to expand his vision of igniting the passion for fitness in each individual he works with, both developing trainers and clients alike to help create healthier communities. 

When not training, Chris can be found listening to all types of music, playing cards or looking for his next favorite hamburger spot.