• National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer for 10 years. 



  • Functional movement

  • Core strength

  • Flexibility 

  • Balance 

  • Athletic training 



Joshua Brandt is a lifelong athlete who is passionate about his daughters, road biking, hiking, sustainable living, mountain biking, basketball, and really good food. Not necessarily in that order. (Except for his daughters). 

He also has five or six really good anecdotes that he continually recycles. 


As a society, we have become divorced from the necessity of movement. Consequently, we conflate "movement," which is innate to us, with "exercise," which is often construed as being arduous and unpleasant. 

When we were children, however, we exercised all the time. We just called it "playing." My mission as a personal trainer is to rekindle that connection to our youth, and to make fitness fun, challenging, and creative.