Katie Martinez


  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, October 2015

  • Personal Trainer Certification, NASM

  • TRX (suspension training system), Level I, San Francisco, CA

  • Restorative Yoga, Level II, YogaWorks, Santa Monica, CA

  • Yoga Sculpt, CorePower Yoga, Berkeley, CA

  • Yoga for the Special Child, Integral Yoga Institute, New York City, NY


  • Speed and Agility
  • Functional Training and Cross Training
  • Individual, Small Group, and Group Exercise
  • Balance and flexibility for rebuilding strength and balance
  • Yoga therapy to improve strength, mobility, balance and restoration


Katie is a former division I collegiate athlete. She has a multifaceted background in fitness and over 10 years experience as a trainer.  Katie has a keen interest in group sessions. She makes workouts fun and meets the needs of  beginner athletes while still challenging the veterans.  Katie is dedicated to helping her clients meet their goals with movement and empowerment.


“Katie is a marvelous trainer. As a wellness professional, she is knowledgeable, focused and attentive. She is also an exceptionally talented, gifted, upbeat, and inspiring soul. The combination is dynamite. She has a way of building both body and spirit. Under her guidance, you will get a great workout every time and you will look forward to the next one, I promise!"



"Katie is seriously fantastic! She is an amazing trainer and fitness professional who is dedicated to always providing the best to her clients. I have been around quite a few personal trainers over the years, in preparation for marathons and triathlons. It is not easy to find someone like Katie who is so knowledgeable, motivating and passionate. Her positivity and ability to help others is evident from the moment you meet her. I have such respect for her approach. I love her instruction and clarity around what the posture is supposed to look and feel like. I am beyond grateful that I found Katie as soon as I moved to the Bay Area."



"I started doing boot camps with Katie 2-3 times a week nine months ago. They have become the highlights of my week. Her exercises are variable and fast-paced so they’re always challenging and never boring, and each time I walk away feeling accomplished and stronger than the session before. She has added some much-needed motivation and excitement to my previously dull workout routine and I can’t recommend her bootcamps highly enough!"



“Bootcamps with Katie is a workout I look forward to every week! Katie does an amazing job providing personalized attention even in group settings, and her variety of exercises keeps me challenged. I often engage muscles I rarely use otherwise, and I always feel sore (in the best way) the next day.”



"Workouts with Katie are intense, efficient and motivating! She knows exactly what moves to teach you to target the areas you want to work on. After six weeks of training with Katie, I fit better in my clothes, have definition in my arms and am stronger in my core. We work hard, have fun and I look forward to training with Katie at the end of the work day!"