Low. impact. functional. exercise.

(now part of our Group Personal Training Program)


L.I.F.E. is a Functional Strength and Conditioning class that trains your body to move more efficiently and safely through the everyday activities of life.  Designed for all backgrounds and levels of fitness.  Class size is limited to no more than 12 participants so the instructor can modify exercises to individual needs and abilities.

A blend of bodyweight training, weight training and aerobic drills that improve cardiorespiratory conditioning, strength, core stability, balance, and mobility; these exercises mimic everyday movement patterns such as squatting, pressing, pulling and running. Multiple muscle groups are engaged with each exercise helping you to achieve quicker results.

We recommend signing up for the full 12 week series.  By attending classes regularly you’ll systematically develop your strength, respiratory, and technical abilities enabling you to take on more and more challenges with each subsequent session.

Or attend an individual class for an amazing full body workout that’s personalized to your needs.



Monday through Thursday

6:00 pm