Martin Susskind


  • B.S. in Biochemistry from UMass Amherst
  • NASM CPT (certified personal trainer)
  • Many other sub-certifications ranging from common gym modalities (TRX, Bulgarian Bags, etc.) to neuro-sensory training, and facial release (massage technique)


  • Sport specific performance training (for every flavor or athlete a unique flavor of training)
  • Body composition goals (fat loss and or muscle gain)
  • Corrective exercise (for acute injury or gradual movement impairment)
  • Range of motion/ mobility training 
  • Functional Weight training 
  • HIIT/circuit training
  • Assisted stretching/ facial release (massage)


I can't decide if I'm a jock 1st and a nerd 2nd or the other way around. In any case I am a hyper-kinetic person with an endless scientific curiosity. It was my love of exercise and movement expression that finally led me to leave biochemistry lab work behind (a physically stifling environment to be sure) and move into my truest passion, coaching. I am a former NCAA Div.1 soccer player, a runner, a cyclist, a yogi, a enthusiastic cook, and a weight lifter. I'm also a feminist and an LGBTQI ally, facts I stress here because they are central to my coaching mission. I have the most diverse clientele imaginable and it is my goal to empower EVERYONE to be their strongest self, especially those who have  felt less than comfortable in the historically uber-masculine culture of gyms.  The deadlift platform belongs to you whether you are a 95 pound woman or a 250 pound man. 

If you want to train with me I have only one condition... you need to want to be strong! Don't come to me looking for a get thin or get sculpted quick routine. All of the aesthetic/body composition goals come with strength, nutrition IQ, and body awareness not the other way around. I truly am a "personal" trainer offering different specialized training for all of my athletes (we are ALL athletes) and different motivation so as to get the most out of EVERYONE. No one is more invested in their clients than me, just watch me train, just ask any of the amazing athletes I coach!