Membership Services

We offer a uniquely crafted blend of fitness services designed to help you reach — and maintain — your individual fitness goals.

SMALL (very small) Group Classes

Benefit from the expertise and motivation of our top-of-the-line instructors, as well as the support of the group vibe.

Personal Training

Whatever your goals or current level of fitness may be, our independent personal trainers can design a customized workout plan that's perfect for you.

Massage Services

Recovery is a critical component of any training routine and qualified massage is an excellent means to achieve that.

Group Classes
Single Class
Package of 5 Classes
$90 ($18 per class)
Package of 10 Classes
$160 ($16 per class)
Package of 15 Classes
$225 ($15 per class)
Package of 20 Classes
$280 ($14 per class)
One time only purchase of unlimited classes for 30 consecutive days.
Unlimited class package for $190/month with 6 months upfront commitment.
Personal Training
Our independent trainers are fully certified and insured with various areas of specialization.
Open Gym
Daily Drop in Fee
Monthly Membership
Massage Services
Our independent massage therapists are fully licensed and certified in various deep tissue, sports and therapeutic techniques.