Nika Toulinova


  • University of Hawaii at Manoa - B.A French , Minor : Food Science and Human Nutrition



  • Body Building
  • Toning/Sculpting/Body Composition
  • Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • High Intensity Training
  • Competition/ Contest Prep
  • Bikini Posing
  • Flexible Dieting
  • Macro Nutrient Based Nutritional Guidance


Nika has a multifaceted athletic background from a young age. Growing up, she was a competitive figure skater, competed in Latin dancing, and on a freestyle snowboarding team. Her cross training included various other sports as well as weight training. Nika has discovered her real passion through bodybuilding in college. She is a Nationally Qualified Physique Athlete, and the 2017 Women’s Open Bikini Overall Champ (Stingray Classic). Nika is passionate about helping others discover sustainable fitness paths and dietary regiments. She wants to help people reach their fitness goals and educate them along the way. Nika's mission is to transform your life, not just your physique. 




"Nika! I have so much to thank you for. You have changed my LIFE! you have taught me so much with nutrition and helped me lose the extra weight I was trying to lose for such a long time. Great trainer, awesome energy, and very knowledgeable and passionate about her line of work." - Anna E.


"Nika is very punctual and responsible. She creates a routine that is specific to you. The exercise and eating regimen is condusive to your life style." - Marsha S.


"Nika has deep knowledge of fitness, nutrition and the body. She's living proof of her expertise and has built the body she wants for herself, truly inspiring. Nika is awesome to workout with. And her meal plans are not only realistic and flexible, they also deliver awesome results! Highly recommended. She's very communicative, supportive and there for you at every stage of your journey. -  Georgia K.