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Heather Scheuring


B.A. Interior Design-The Art Institute of Phoenix, AZ

Science and Business-Maricopa Community Colleges, Phoenix, AZ

Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine-In Progress, ACTCM, San Francisco, CA



Certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor, RYT





Yoga-Pilates Fusion


Healthy eating habits




Throughout her life, Heather has loved movement and fitness.  Growing up she practiced all forms of dance and also twirled baton and did gymnastics.  She ran track, was on the cheerleading squad and marched in the high school band!  Heather's always lived a very active life and loved every minute of it.  In her early twenties, she felt the pull to become a fitness trainer.  However, at this time, she chose to go another route.  Instead she became an interior designer and worked for an architecture firm for several years!  Loved the creativity of this job, but sitting behind a desk all day was not for her.  


Heather had been practicing yoga for about 10 years at this point, but mainly through videos at home. When she took her first in-studio yoga class six years ago, she was suffering from a knee injury.  With the help of her teachers and slight modifications, her knee quickly healed.  She could feel her body becoming healthier and her mind becoming more calm.  She realized after a few months of practice that she still had that strong desire to teach others to be healthy and fit, so she decided to become a yoga teacher! Since then, in addition to teaching yoga, she has chosen to further her education by pursuing a Masters degree to become an acupuncturist. 


Heather enjoys working with students of all levels of fitness and flexibility and offering modifications that are right for these different levels.  Her classes are challenging, but also fun and lighthearted. She loves how yoga can be many different things to many different people…whether you are looking to build strength and flexibility or looking for a way to calm the mind through mindful movement or even just looking to try something new, she welcomes you to give her class a try!