• MS Physical Education
  • BS Exercise Science
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM
  • Exercise Performance Specialist, EXOS Performance 



  • Mobility specialist
  • Corrective exercise for postural improvement
  • Prehabilitation & injury prevention
  • Athletic performance specifically golf, tennis, & board sports
  • Balance, flexibility, and strength



Vince has been in the fitness industry since the year 2000. Highly skilled and approaching training with a unique mindfulness, Vince provides a personalized regimen of exercises and stretches designed to prevent injury by addressing muscle asymmetry, promoting flexibility and increasing strength.

Discover what your body is actually capable of doing by correcting your unique imbalances. Effortless powers trumps powerless effort. Vince's attention to each individual - where they have come from and want to go - really helps people reach their fitness goals in a more positive way.

Find out how by scheduling an initial consultation with Vince.